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Rates Out-Call

Discover the exclusive rates provided by me Julia. I trust this message finds you well. Kindly be aware that I uphold the highest standards of respect and hygiene for all engagements.

Hourly rates
  • Kiss en run – 1 hour – €350,-
  • Sweet dreams – 2 hours – €700,-
  • Magical time – 3 hours – €950,-
  • Get to know each other – 4 hours – €1200,-
  • 6 hours – €1800,-
Overnight escapes

On these overnight getaways, you can completely let go and deepen your connection. Take the time to discover each other and unwind in a state of relaxation and enjoyment!

  • 12 hours – €2200,-
  • 18 hours – €2700,-
  • 24 hours – €3000,-
  • 48 hours – €5000,-
  • Why stop? Book an additional extra day – €1250,-

Would you like to be my regular customer, message me for a monthly arrangement.
The first payment has to be six months ahead as a deposit.
yes, we can make a contract if you require.

Make an appointment

I require a €150 deposit to secure your appointment in advance. Please understand that without a deposit, it's unlikely that I can make a reservation for you. This can be paid with bank transfer, especially if you're a new guest a deposit is 100 % needed.

If you want to make an appointment and I have to travel by plane, I ask for 25% of the booking, to secure your appointment. this does not include travel expenses.

Cancellation policy

A deposit of €150 or 25% will be kept for a rescheduled appointment for max 60 days. If a date is cancelled on the same day, the full amount will be charged. If it's cancelled a day before, 50% will be charged.

In case a client fails to comply with these cancellation policies, I will have to take legal action. The deposit will be forfeited, and the client will not be allowed to book with me again and will also be added to the blacklist.

In case of force majeure from my side, the date will be moved free of charge to a location of your choice plus a little free extra time on our date.


Hello love! How's it going?

I am Julia, feel free to chat with me.

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