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Rates Other Ladies

Discover the exclusive rates provided by me Julia. I trust this message finds you well. Kindly be aware that I uphold the highest standards of respect and hygiene for all engagements.

Hourly rates
  • Short escape – 1 hour – €300,-
  • Sweet dreams – 2 hours – €500,-
  • Magical time – 3 hours – €750,-
  • Get to know each other – 4 hours – €1000,-
  • Threesome –  ask

* If I feel unsafe or you’re not hygienic enough, I will not let you in to my location or if you are not hygienic enough, I will not let you in or sent you away. And I will involving law enforcement if you don’t listen to my instruction.

Make an appointment

I require a €75 deposit to secure your appointment in advance. Please understand that without a deposit, it's unlikely that I can make a reservation for you. This can be paid via bank transfer, or by calling me directly on the same day/hour.


Hello love! How's it going?

I am Julia, feel free to chat with me.

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