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Rates Ladies

Please have a look at the special rates offered by Julia. I hope you're doing well. Please note that I hold my dates to the highest standards of respect and hygiene.

Hourly rates
  • Short escape – 1 hour – €300
  • Sweet dreams – 2 hours – €500
  • Magical – 3 hours – €750
  • Get to know each other – 4 hours – €1000
  • Threesome 2 hours total – €1500
  • Companionship only – €200 per hour – no intimate
  • Tantra massage 1,5 hours €450 includes happy ending, erotic shower and receiving oral.

* Dates up to four hours are required to be enjoyed locally.


Enjoy a sweet dinner or lunch date and get to know each other better. Do you also crave the desserts as much as I do? Lets find out!

  • 6 hours – €1400,-
Overnight escapes

On these overnight getaways, you can completely let go and deepen your connection. Take the time to discover each other and unwind in a state of relaxation and enjoyment!

  • 12 hours – €2200,-
  • 18 hours – €2500,-
  • 24 hours – €3600,-
  • Extra day –  €1300,-

Travel expenses:

  • 1 Hour       € 50,-
  • 1,5 hours   € 75,-
  • 2 hours      € 100,-
  • 2,5 hours   € 125,-
Make an appointment

I require a €150 deposit to secure your appointment in advance. Please understand that without a deposit, it's unlikely that I can make a reservation for you. This can be paid via bank transfer, PayPal (I'll send you a QR-link), or by calling me directly on the same day/hour. Please understand that without a deposit, it's unlikely that I can make a reservation for you.

If you want to make an appointment and I have to travel by plane, I ask for 25% of the booking, to secure your appointment. this does not include travel expenses.

Cancellation policy

A deposit of €150 or 25% will be kept for a rescheduled appointment. If a date is cancelled on the same day, the full amount will be charged. If it's cancelled a day before, 50% will be charged.

In case a client fails to comply with these cancellation policies, I will have to take legal action. The deposit will be forfeited, and the client will not be allowed to book with me again and will also be added to the blacklist.


Hello love! How's it going?

I am Julia, feel free to chat with me.

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